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  • Courting with Strangers by Sue J. Daniels

    Courting with Strangers


    A series of six short fictional stories that are associated with court cases. Each story showcases the background experience behind possible convictions and whether or not subsequent sentencing is appropriate. Some of these stories could happen to any one of us, given the right circumstances. The listener/reader gets a glimpse into the darker side of those who either have no boundaries or who have just decided to live according to others behaviour patterns.

  • The Energy of Love by Sue J. Daniels

    Energy of love


    This series brings together flash fiction of audio short stories. These are centered around lost loved ones and how an energy connection between them and those left behind, can often alleviate and comfort in grief and loss. The concepts leave the listener/reader feeling some of that energy of love that continues to exist in the space between here and there, wherever that may be.