Courting with Strangers

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  • Impasse by Sue J. Daniels



    The short story of a Jacob Eldridge, a young man from three generations of living on benefits, he knows there is a different life but has no idea how to get it.

    Contains Strong Language

  • Le Moment Parfait by Sue J. Daniels

    Le Moment Parfait


    The short story of a couple who have moved to France to start a business, Maria and John Upton. Their marriage was never good to start with and only continued to suffer as his drinking became the only love of his life…

  • Man Up by Sue J. Daniels

    Man Up


    Martin Polenski, a victim of domestic violence. In the beginning he tried to believe that it wasn’t real but in the end he had to get out. He had to save himself and his son from further abuse by his wife who he realised, was a controlling monster…

  • Shattered Truth by Sue J. Daniels

    Shattered Truth


    Alone in her fight with first, the hell of being sexually assaulted and thereafter, experiencing secondary injury by the way she is treated by the police…

  • Silent Rage by Sue J. Daniels

    Silent Rage


    Having listened to the sick and twisted violations that people do to one another. Sally Goodwin couldn’t take anymore, she had to do something, and she had to take revenge for all of those who had suffered…

  • The Loft Hatch Snatch by Sue J. Daniels

    The Loft Hatch Snatch


    Rob had spent a long time in the forces, he was completely focused on his single life and his family. That was until new neighbours moved in and he was forced to intervene.