Energy of Love

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  • Irish Spirit by Sue J. Daniels

    Irish Spirit


    Going to Ireland for Pippa Delaney was an escape from sadness and pain. She expected a new life but what she didn’t expect was a connection to her ancestry with such alarming protection.

  • Love Crumble by Sue J. Daniels

    Love Crumble


    To many people, sacred places may be wondrous temples, natural creations or spiritual sanctuaries.  When sleep evaded Darcy, she would just close her eyes, and transport herself to a very own sacred place in her mind.

  • The Mist In The Morning by Sue J. Daniels

    Mist In The Morning


    A beautiful story of profound energy showcasing how love can continue, even between two worlds, just separated by an invisible veil.

  • Our Local Post Office by Sue J. Daniels

    Our Local Post Office


    Married for over fifty years, Mabel, a ray of sunshine and an elderly force to be reckoned with, shows us how it’s done when she confronts an armed robber…..

  • The Bench by Sue J. Daniels

    The Bench


    Joanna, reeling from her own demons and losses, takes solace on an old weathered bench. Makes a beautiful friend who helps her to see the light…

  • The Christmas Butterflies by Sue J. Daniels

    The Christmas Butterflies


    A quaint, flash fiction short story about four siblings being reminded of how everlasting love can be manifested in the tiniest of energies…