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  • Close by Sue J. Daniels


    Close is the ‘no holds barred’ book about real life and near death experiences. Compiled from over twenty five years of face to face genuine recollections from those who have seen this world, from the view of another.

  • Courting with Strangers by Sue J. Daniels

    Courting with Strangers Book


    A Series of six short fictional stories that are all associated with court cases. Each showcasing the background experience behind the conviction and subsequent sentencing outcomes. Some of which, could happen to any one of us.

  • Energy of Love Book


    Energy of Love Book version. This series brings together flash fiction of short stories, centered on lost loved ones and how an energy connection between them and those left behind, can often alleviate and comfort in grief and loss.

  • gift bundle

    Gift Bundles


    Ideal Gift Bundles – If you purchase two Story Collections Together (i.e. Courting with Strangers & Energy of Love) Get a Free Book Bag